What Our Clients Say


When my Mother passed away my Dad wanted a fresh start and contract a rent to own relationship on the home they spent together for over 30 years. Michael Gilmartin was sensitive, professional and ensured that my Father's most valuable asset remained protected until the tenants were able to pay for the home in full.Since then Michael Gilmartin continues to be my go to for any and all legal matters.I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or assistance.

Christina A

I hired Michael Gilmartin to help me navigate through a farm sale and received way more than I expected. Michael not only provided the legal council but also was able to help direct me down a path to address some tax issues I was encountering. The interaction with Michael was extremely comfortable and professional as he instructed me each step along the way. I now consider Michael as "my lawyer" and will use him any time I need legal guidance. Thanks Michael !!!


After the sudden death of my sister, my teenage niece was left to figure out her mothers finances and how she can access her bank accounts, etc. Mr. Gilmartin was a wonderful asset in guiding us through this process and helping us fill out the paperwork needed. He treated us with such professionalism and responded promptly to our questions. I would highly recommend Michael for future legal needs.


I hired Michael to represent my wife and I during a real estate purchase. But he ended up doing so much more than merely reviewing documents. He advised us on financing and how to get some important documents through the local recorder of deeds quickly. In numerous ways, Michael went above and beyond to ensure we had a timely and smooth closing, making himself available as much as we needed. We were extremely pleased and appreciative of his guidance, and strongly recommend his services.


Michael was very professional, responsive to all questions and did a great job on breaking down details within the paperwork during our closing. I would highly recommend him.


My experience with Mike has been excellent. Mike really made me feel like I was his only client when I know that's not the case. He was always easy to get in touch with and on top of every detail. After my dispute was settled, I retained him as legal counsel and plan to continue our relationship. Mike is #1 in my book and I highly recommend him.


Michael did a wonderful job with the closing on my father's house! He was always available to address our concerns and he negotiated a very fair settlement with the buyers. The closing was seamless and all parties were very satisfied. We highly recommend him!


Mr. Gilmartin was highly recommended by my personnel attorney for a matter in which he didn't specialize. I'm glad I asked for a referral because Mr. Gilmartin was the perfect lawyer for my situation. He handled the matter very professionally and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. I would gladly recommended Mr. Gilmartin to any friends or family after my positive experience with him.


I had a home remodeling project go very bad and wasn't sure what our options were. We were referred to Michael through a friend and explained the situation to him. Although our contactor agreed to fix the problem after all, Michael informed us of all of our options and scenarios. We would definitely recommend and use him in the future.


My father had received 2 tickets totaling $2,040.00 and we were looking for a lawyer to help us navigate the court system and to reduce the amount. from the first contact, Mr. Gilmartin was very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciated the fact that he requested to see documentations of the tickets before hand and just shouting out a fee (many others have done that, without even knowing what the case is they just give you a lawyer fee). our first meeting went very well, he assured us that there isn't anything to worry about. he was very good at explaining the process step by step. I appreciated that he was patient with my father who does not speak English fluently. Mr. Gilmartin answered and repeated anything that my father did not understand. We were very pleased with his work and would definitely recommend him.


Michael has advised me with multiple business transactions as well as with personal matters. He is very well versed and has handled our property closings to our living wills, and estate planning. I recommend him personally and professionally.


Mr. Gilmartin,I would like to thank you again for the excellent, professionalism and timely services you provided me with. When I called you I was on a deadline to settle a dispute over carpeting with my previous landlord. I felt that they were charging me for something that I had no control over and did not owe. I was in the apartment for 4 1/2 years and they wanted me to pay for the installation of new carpeting.The management office wanted to put me in into collections if I did not pay within 30 days. I was so concern and in a panic because I did not know how to fight or proceed with this matter. I have always had decent credit and did not want it tarnish. I talk with an advisor and several Lawyers and they could not provide me with legal services at the moment, I was even told by one individual to let them put me in collections and dispute the claim. That was not the way I wanted to handle this matter. I was in a situation where I had no one to help me. I was given your name through CRPLS. I called you and explained what I was up against and you listen, you did not refer me to someone else or just offer advice. You told me you would willingly work with me without any hesitation. With that being said and after you mention to send everything I had from the Management, I knew and felt in my heart that I had finally found the right person to work for me. You contacted the Management office right away and you kept me inform & updated on everything by communication.Your knowledge, expertise and dedication in this matter was very successful and on time. I am now stress free from this matter. Again Mr. Gilmartin I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks for everything. You are the true definition of a perfect Lawyer to have to work for you and get the job done.Thank You,

Brenda A.

Michael came highly recommended to us. Before contacting Michael we had already written off a very large debt that we could not collect on. After receiving the high recommendation I reached out to Michael Gilmartin, and I’m glad I did! He was very receptive and wanted to help!After getting a run down on how everything went down Michael went to work. With in 5 to 7 business days Michael had collected the outstanding debt in full. Needless to say we are very happy to get this resolved and Michael will be assisting us with all future debt collections!

Brad Miranda

XpoSolutions Transportation

We began our relationship with Michael Gilmartin in 2012 in hopes of forming a more valued relationship with our attorney working on distressed debt and foreclosure cases. In the past we used other law groups who did not appear to value the relationship and our need to be effective and cost efficient inthese matters.With Michael’s counseling we have been able to plot and obtain sound legal results that have saved us time and money. As a result, we have expanded our trusted relationship with Michael to include a wider range of legal matters.

Richard Nichols

Senior Vice President
Royal Bank

I was referred to Michael Gilmartin by a friend of mine. I needed trust worthy legal council on a complicated contract. Michael came through with flying colors, he responded quickly, set my mind at ease and the deal went through without a hitch.

Thomas E.

Riverside IL

Michael Gilmartin does a great job for us and makes himself available when we need him. His Credit Union knowledge has been very helpful for us as we look to expand our operations.

Jose Garcia

President and CEO
Northwest Community Credit Union

My case was a very tough one. I was facing an ex-boss with advanced powers of manipulation. I honestly thought I would never get the money owed to me, even if the court ruled in my favor. Once I handed the case off to Michael, my worries went away. Michael settled my case out of court, and got the money that was owed to me. I hope you don’t need an attorney, but if you do, you need Michael on your side. He handled each situation with grace and ease in a respectable manner.

Dr. Devon Acou